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Explore a wide range of employment and development opportunities.

GRAAL Capital Group was created out of a passion for entrepreneurship, courage in setting ambitious challenges, and the desire to provide consumers with high-quality products. From the very beginning, our business was based on people who built strong structures by sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Our organization is based on family pillars that have given us a strong foundation to achieve and implement the highest goals.


The values of Graal Capital Group

Striving to be the best

Striving to be the best



Focus on the customer

Focus on the customer

Team building

Team building

Personal development

Personal development


Due to the size of the organization and market requirements, we work on projects in interdisciplinary groups. Thanks to this, we can solve problems quickly and pursue our interests. We welcome various ideas and opinions, which allows us to develop constantly.


We integrate at work and after work. The company organizes corporate parties with delicious food, music and fun until dawn for all employees. We also meet in smaller teams for various activities, including volleyball and kayaking.


The company offers a group insurance package.

Global responsability

We act responsibly. The basis for creating the highest quality products is to use fresh primary products. Therefore, we do not use endangered species in our manufacturing, and our products are made from fish from certified aquaculture.


In our production plants we invest in the infrastructure to protect the environment. Each of our plants has its own sewage treatment plant and uses less water and electricity. We use environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging.


We participate in sports competitions organized as part of local and national events. As a company, not only are we a sponsor or a partner of these events but we also actively participate in the competitions.

Training and development

At the beginning of their path in the organization, employees receive clear guidelines regarding the scope of their responsibilities.


When starting work in our company, each employee is provided with adequate tools – a laptop, a company car, or analytical tools – depending on their role and their needs.

Commuting to work

Employees commuting from a radius of about 50 km from our four plants in Kartoszyno, Tczew, Zduny and Kukinia, can avail of a coach service. Employees who drive can safely use the company car park for their car or motorbike. Naturally, cyclists are welcome as well.