GRAAL Capital Group is the leader of the fish processing industry in Poland. Its flagship products are canned fish which have been on offer from the very beginnings of this prestigious enterprise. The company also distributes food assortments such as smoked and frozen fish, seafood, caviar and fish salads. The offer also includes meal dishes, preserved meats, marinades and vegetable salads with meat.

GRAAL owns 4 modern production sites in Poland equipped with innovative technological machinery and cutting edge processes. Over 2800 qualified experts oversee the manufacture of high quality products. Each employee ensures top level care and delivery of finished products to our valued customers.

The brands of GRAAL Capital Group are available in all store chains throughout Poland. The products are also available under the brands from our global partners which contributes to the final export result at a level of 35% of the total sales. All goods have earned the required certificates allowing us to operate on American and European markets.


Our customers are provided with the finest quality products manufactured in accordance with high quality standards and environmental protection measures. We strive to continue making healthy food products which are not only tasty, but also also safe for our valued customers.

As a capital company the interests of our stockholders is well served by providing a clear, measurable and realistic return on investment.
Our top priority is the satisfaction of our employees, customers and stockholders.


We remain among the leaders in the fishing
industry in the EU for all market segments.

Our domain is fish and fish-related products.
Fish is a symbol of healthy nutrition, it is also the symbol of our products which we intend to sell both outside of and within the EU.

Global responsibility

Global responsibility is the business philosophy of Graal Capital Group

Sustainable fishing

Our suppliers have the same values as our company does, and fish according to standards established by such certificates as MSC, ASC and "Dolphin safe". Our aim is not to use endangered fish species listed by the WWF and Greenpeace for production purposes.

Environmental protection

In our production plants, we invest in the infrastructure in order to protect the environment. Our plants use less water and power. We use eco-friendly packaging materials, which can be recycled.

Product traceability

That allows us to precisely trace every product's production processes, ingredients and their source of origin. Thanks to that, we are able to constantly modify specific elements of the process so that our consumers get even better products.

High quality ingredients

That are the basis in the process of manufacturing products of the highest class, and that is why all components of our products come only from reliable sources.

Product and process analyses and inspections

Are continuously carried out every day. We own specialised Quality Control structures in order to ensure that the products we provide are of the highest quality.

Respect for the staff

As people are our company's most important value, we do our best to take care of the development and safety of our employees. Our policy is to support employment of local workers, build an image of a good and reliable employer and build organisational culture based on commitment and shared responsibility.

Constant development

In this dynamically changing world, this is the only way to fulfil the needs and wishes of our consumers. We want to be ready today for what the consumers will expect from our products tomorrow.

For the vitality of our consumers

That is why, as a food manufacturer, we have been focusing since our inception on providing our consumers with products that meet their nutritional needs and flavour preferences. We believe that we play an important role in shaping the nutrition habits in the whole society, and that is why those issues are so important to us. We want the consumers to know our products, trust them and recommend them to others as ones ensuring even better well being.


  • Doceń polskie Filety ze śledzia w sosie pomidorowym Neptun

    Hit Konsumenta roku 2020 Filety z makreli w sosie pomidorowym 170g

    Polska Dobra Marka 2020 Dla marki SuperFish

    Dobra marka 2020 Dla marki Graal

  • Polska Dobra Marka 2020 Dla marki Graal

    Dobra marka 2020 Dla marki SuperFish

    Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2020 Dla marki Graal

    Hit Handlu 2019 Wybór detalistów Filety z makreli w sosie pomidorowym 170g

  • Rodzinna Marka Roku 2018 Dla marki Graal

    Rodzinna Marka Roku 2018 Dla marki Kuchnia Staropolska

    Laur Klienta Lider XV Lecia 2014-2019

    Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2015 | Debiut roku Produkty rybne wolne od glutenu

  • Hit handlu | Wybór detalistów Graal Graalki

    Złoty Paragon 2015 Graal Tuńczyk Kawałki w sosie własnym 170g

    Hit handlu | Wybór detalistów Filety z makreli w sosie pomidorowym GRAAL 170g

    Certyfikat Dobry Produkt SuperFish Łosoś BIO

  • Laur eksperta Linia SuperFish Prestige

    Złoty medal XVIII Międzynarodowych Targów Biznes Żywność Medycyna 2015 Graal Salatino

    Laur Konsumenta 2014 Produkty SuperFish

    Teraz Polska Marka Graal

  • Przebojowy Produkt FMCG 2016 | Życie handlowe Filety z makreli w sosie pomidorowym GRAAL 170g

    Przebojowy Produkt FMCG 2015 | Życie handlowe Konserwy SuperFish Prestige

    Konsumencki Lider Jakości 2015 i 2014 Konserwy Graal Konserwy SuperFish Prestige

    Regionalne Orły Eksportu 2016 | Rzeczpospolita Regionalny Eksportowy Produkt

  • Doceń polskie Mięsiwa Kuchni Staropolskiej

    Diamenty miesięcznika Forbes 2015

    Certyfikat wiarygodności biznesowej

    Innowator Rynku Spożywczego

  • Laur Eksperta - Najlepsza Marka Superfish Prestige