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25 02 2020 | Graal Group

Jem Fair – a new brand in the Graal Capital Group portfolio

A revolution in ready meals – a new range of vegetarian meals in jars.

Prioritizing continuous development and innovation as well as the cooperation with world leaders in the field of market research and consumer trends has lead to the expansion of our product range. In February, we welcomed the new brand jeM fAir under the Graal Capital Group umbrella. We have introduced vegetarian dishes, which have been unavailable on the market up until now. They are based on health, are functional, and have high-quality components, which is in line with the expectations of consumers in search of organic, nutritious, and convenient meals. A clear composition, lack of sugar, or preservatives makes it a perfect offer not only for vegetarians but for anyone who cares for a balanced diet and the environment.

FAIR products; in harmony with nature, in harmony with our body, in harmony with the planet. The jeM fAir brand promises a modern approach to the naturalness and freshness of vegetables. It offers familiar but slightly renewed flavors in a different setting.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • A healthy product: with no sugar, gluten or dairy
  • A product with reduced fat content
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Transparency
  • Clear label

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