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02 06 2020 | Graal Group

Neptun products are coming back!

Neptun products are returning to stores after several years of absence. The Graal Capital group has re-activated its popular fish brand and started introducing it to the market at the end of May.

The research conducted by Graal indicates that many consumers still name the Neptun brand among their favorites even though its products have not been available on the market for many years. After tracking the growing trend of returns to past tastes, Graal decided to turn to Neptun’s potential and make the brand’s product once again available to consumers.

– We are closely monitoring the changes taking place on the market. We can see the behaviour of consumers, who gladly return to brands and products of the past. Guided by nostalgia for flavors from their childhoods – says Justyna Frankowska, Member of the Graal group’s Management Board, responsible among others for trade and marketing. The trend of consumer patriotism is also rising. Poles are more inclined to reach for grocery products produced domestically to support the national economy. – she adds.

The return of Neptun is a response to the existing consumer trend, which can particularly be seen among the 40+ age group. It shows that sentiment can be a strong shopping motivator.

This trend has been observed for some time now but many associate it mainly with our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. Meanwhile, nostalgia is also beginning to play a significant role when taking into account the purchasing decisions made by the younger demographics – says Wojciech Szejna, Director of Development and Marketing at the Graal Capital Group. – These groups are connected by a similar cultural code, familiarity by similar tastes, the same songs and even common memories of 1990’s Poland. There is also an increasing motivation among all consumer groups to treat shopping as a conscious choice that supports the domestic economy. In response to these needs, we have brought the Polish brand Neptun back to the market.

To start, Neptun fish products will appear in the so-called traditional channel, and a few weeks later in retail chains.

The history of Neptun fish products dates back to the late 1990s. The brand was the category leader on the Polish market for many years. Every other Pole was aware of it, and every third Pole used it in their kitchen. Herring, mackerel, and sprat were the most popular products – offered both in oil and tomato sauce. Paprykarz Szczeciński (canned fish spread) was also on the list of bestsellers. All these products, made according to traditional recipes, are now returning to the market.

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